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  • Mr.Bipin Patel
    Tel: 00919824015048

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    Term of payment AGRO PACK INDUSTRY CO., LTD.
    69/6 Moo7, Soi ThongPan 1, Rama2 Rd. SaMaeDam,
    BangKhunThien, Bangkok 10150
    +662 416-8225-8
    +662 416-8229
    Chinapa Pientaweerat
    Since 2527 Under Agropack Co., Ltd.
    20 Million Baht
    100 persons
    Thai Farmers Bank Public Company Limited
    Blow mold Bottle / Material : HDPE, PP, PVC, PETG, PETE.
    Injection mold Part / Material: PP, PS, AS, HIPS, ABS
    Injection stretch Blows Bottle / Material: PETE
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